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Strong schools build strong communities. With over three years of experience on the school board, and 16 years as a volunteer in our schools, district and city, I’ve had many opportunities to listen to and understand the experiences of students, educators, and neighbors. I have incorporated their perspectives when making decisions with my fellow board members. 

 As a long-time public education advocate, I’ve invested the necessary time to learn and to understand the complexities of legislative-driven school funding. I also have built relationships with educators and elected officials as we work together to forecast the long-range, strategic planning goals for our growing district.
I believe experience matters and being curious with continual learning is vital. I believe in community involvement and partnerships with families, businesses and our city. When we meet students where they are, identify hurdles to learning, and support the whole child, then student achievement will be successful. As a school board member, the policies we pass and the stances we take as a district, supports the creation of lifelong learners to be citizens of the world, with the ability to know how to think critically and to take action with empathetic intelligence. Each of our students are unique and so are their learning styles. It is my continual goal to see and serve students in helping them grow their individual strengths and talents and to continue the rich history of supporting our staff, who are most qualified and talented in the state. It would be an honor for me to continue as your school board director to serve our students, their families, and the professional educators in Camas.

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