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Thank you so much for your support in my campaign. I am working on behalf of students, families and educators in Camas and their individual needs and strengths. I will represent equitable and inspirational learning in achieving positive student outcomes for all Camas students so they are prepared to succeed in the pathway of their choice after graduation. Thank you for your endorsement.

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As former Camas School Board officials, we would like to support Corey McEnry and Erika Cox for re-election to the Camas School Board. Both Corey and Erika have worked tirelessly for the citizens, staff, parents and students of the Camas School District to ensure Camas schools are ranked as some of the best in Washington State. We understand the commitment they make and their hard work to make sure every student is served and has a quality education, and we believe they will continue to be leaders in the Camas School District and statewide. — Mel Cardon (1974-2008) - John Hagensen (2002-2005) - Marcia Johnson (2000-2005) - Dave Lattanzi (1998-2005) - Casey O'Dell (2001-2018)

I wholeheartedly endorse Erika Cox for reelection to the Camas School Board. She has volunteered and served our community and schools for many years. Erika believes in the power of public education to improve the trajectory of a student’s life. She will continue to listen and be a voice for all our families and students. 

— Nan Henriksen, Camas Mayor 1983-92, named Camas Political Leader of the Century in 2006

In my former role as superintendent I had a chance to work with Erika in a variety of ways. Whether it was as a volunteer, a student club advisor, leader for Camas Education Foundation, leader on the Citizen Advisory Committee, or currently in her role as a board director, Erika always brings such a positive, can-do spirit, focused on improving student experiences and learning. She asks great questions and takes the time to listen and clarify her understanding. She uses her strong communication background in all of those roles to help improve access and messaging. Her passion for helping students and serving her community is second to none. Jeff Snell — Jeff Snell - Former Camas Superintendent & Deputy Superintendent 2011-2021

I fully endorse Erika Cox for Camas School Board. She is active, engaged and knowledgeable, showing a solid grasp of the complexities of public education. Her leadership reflects her sincere, foundational support of our students, and her communications background promotes her desire for an accessible, transparent district. She has proven leadership during the most challenging year in our school’s history. Please re-elect Erika Cox! — Doug Quinn - Camas School Board Director

When I think back on the many years my children have been students in Camas School District, Erika Cox's involvement has been a constant. She has always worked for the well-being and success of all Camas students, families, and staff, going above and beyond in the classroom, on parent boards, and with partner organizations that strive to give every student a meaningful experience in our schools. In her upcoming term with the Camas School Board, I know she will continue to bring the compassion, action, and insights our children deserve. Vote Erika Cox for Camas School Board! — Alicia Brazington

It is with great enthusiasm that I endorse and support Erika Cox for re-election to the Camas School Board. Erika is an engaged board member, parent, and community member. During my time on the Camas City Council she attended many meetings to learn and build relationships, which is important in maintaining a strong City/School partnership. I am confident Erika has the heart and fortitude to lead our district forward, even in uncertain times. Please vote for Erika! — Deanna Rusch

Erika is an experienced, proven community leader who has been deeply involved in our schools and community. She is extremely knowledgeable about educational issues and committed to keeping our students at the forefront of her work. I am impressed with Erika‚Äôs ability to collaborate with others on difficult decisions all while remaining professional, kind and sincere. Erika is dedicated to this role and whole heartedly has my support. Please vote Erika Cox for Camas Schools! — Tracey Malone

As a father of three Camas School District students, I am so thankful for experienced school board members like Erika Cox. Erika is a thoughtful, dedicated public servant who will continue working to ensure that Camas delivers a top-notch education for all. Please join me in re-electing Erika to the Camas School Board. — Joe Walsh - Camas Parent and Planning Commissioner

Erika is an advocate for education and has a long history in Camas working on behalf of students and our community. She is a strong voice at the state level, has children in the district, and leads with clarity and intelligence. Erika brings unique and valuable experience and perspective to the board. She is a tireless advocate, dedicated public servant, and thoughtful leader. There is no better person for the job! Re-elect Erika Cox! — Connie Hennessey - Camas School Board Director

Erika has the experience and leadership the Camas School District needs to ensure Camas remains a top school district in the State of Washington. Through her years of work with different committees and boards, she has gained knowledge and experience that has placed Camas on a forward trajectory for positive growth. Erika has and will continue her work to compete in the state as a top district and ensure all children have access to high-quality education. With her commitment and leadership, we can rest assured that Camas is in good hands. I am happy to endorse Erika Cox for School Board. Grant Gilson — Grant Gilson

There is no arguing over Erika’s qualifications and commitment to the Camas School District. As a resident with multiple children attending Camas schools, I am confident that she will continue to place the best interests and needs of students above all else. Re-electing Erika is the best choice. — Mimi Mello

Erika is the clear choice for Camas School Board, position 2. Her experience on the board, her advocacy at the state and local level, and her strong support of public education and public service make her an invaluable member of the Camas School Board. There's no better person for the job. — Corey McEnry - Camas School Board Director

Erika has a history of working on behalf of Camas students and their families. She is a dedicated leader who fiercely believes all students deserve a high quality education. She is an advocate for all students, and is the best candidate for this position. — Alison Benjamin
Mary Hogan

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